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Accounts Receivables Management Solutions

Our Accounts Receivable Management Solutions (ARMS) play a pivotal role in optimizing and streamlining the complex processes associated with managing accounts receivables for healthcare organizations. Through our meticulously designed and highly efficient processes, we enable healthcare entities to uphold their commitment to delivering high-quality patient-driven services while ensuring cost-effectiveness. By enhancing the efficiency of accounts receivables management, ARMS contributes to the financial health of organizations, allowing them to allocate resources more effectively, maintain service excellence, and navigate the financial intricacies of the healthcare sector.

How we collaborate with you?

RMS is staffed with seasoned professionals who lead clinical, financial, and technological initiatives within the healthcare domain.

Irrespective of the specific requirements your practice may have, RMS provides three fundamental implementation solutions in accounts receivables management. We collaborate with you to identify the most suitable engagement type tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization.


We streamline the collection of claims, aiding healthcare organizations to:

• Decrease denials

• Mitigate and prevent write-offs

• Enhance cash flow

• Alleviate financial risks

• Foster financial stability for the organization

• Ensure uninterrupted delivery of superior medical services to patients

Stang-up Meeting

Why Choose Outsourced Accounts Receivables Management Solutions?

RMS offers executive healthcare administrator expertise and project-specific methodologies to your organization on a project-by-project basis.


While our clients concentrate on clinical tasks, our professionals handle claims management, revenue collection, denial tracking and management, preparation of appeal documentation, and coordination of the appeals process.

Our Core Services

Medical Billing

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