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Accounts Receivables Management Solutions

Our Accounts Receivable Management Solutions (ARMS) assist in streamlining accounts receivables management processes for organizations. Our highly efficient processes assist organizations in healthcare to continue to provide high quality patient driven services at optimal costs.

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How we work with you?

RMS staff are seasoned professionals who spearhead clinical, financial, and technology initiatives across healthcare.

Regardless of the type of service or assistance your practice needs, RMS offers three core implementation solutions in accounts receivables management. We work with you to determine which type of engagement best meets the needs of your organization.

We simplify collection of claims and help healthcare organizations to: 

• Reduce denials

• Reduce and prevent write-offs

• Improve cash flow

• Minimize financial risks

• Provide financial stability to the organization

• Provide uninterrupted superior medical services to patients

Why outsource Accounts Receivables Management Solutions?

RMS brings executive healthcare administrator skills and project-specific techniques to your organization on a project by project basis.

Our clients focus on clinical task while our professionals provide claims management, collect revenue, track and manage denials, prepares appeal documentation, and coordinates the appeals process.

Our Core Services

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