Accounts Receivables Management Solutions

Accounts that go uncollected for long periods of time place added stress on administration and staff, and not maximizing the bottom line causes investors and lenders to lose confidence in the practice’s ability to handle the financial elements of the business.


RMS makes contact to the delinquent party via phone contact and letter issuance. Our statement issuance and phone follow-up cycle ensures that third-party payers, as well as self-pay*, follow-up is done in the most efficient and timely manner.

RMS establishes flexibility. We understand that each medical practice is unique. Even practices of the same specialty will have different staff and offer different services. RMS will evaluate the needs of each practice and offer solutions to help the practice become more efficient.​

When servicing a client’s accounts, we can initiate contact in our client’s name so that the patient, nor third-party payers, would have knowledge that their accounts receivable management is not managed in-house.

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