Accounts Receivables Management

Accounts Receivables Management

High outstanding account receivables can become a nightmare for healthcare entities, sometimes it's hard to avoid. As it grows more, healthy cash flow for the organization become affected. When revenue takes a hit, reversing the situation gets equally difficult. It is vital to have experts to tackle Accounts Receivables. 


Medical accounts receivable personnel, also called collections specialist, keep track of accounts that are overdue and attempt to collect payment on them. Many medical facility staff are not prepared for the deluge of paperwork associated with the follow-up of insurance claims denials. Insurance companies and patients use stall tactics that make reimbursement for services provided more difficult to collect. These outstanding balances can exceed one year before the accounts are forgotten, forwarded to the Credit Bureau, or written off as bad-debt. RMS is ready to assist each client in the collection of these outstanding balance and place funds back into the practice where it belongs.

Our Approach

We can ensure our clients get paid on all your claims in a most efficient and timely manner under our Account Receivables Management service. We adhere to an efficient denial management process based on your payer mix and outstanding account receivables.


Our accuracy and turn around time has been higher than the industry standards always.


  • We process all demos/charges/payments within 12-24 hours of its receipt.

  • We send clean claims immediately to the insurance companies.

  • Our follow-up calls are automatically triggered by our software solutions.

  • We have efficiently increased a minimum of 5-8% of all our client’s revenues.

Analyzing Data

We provide the same preference to every receivable irrespective of its size and source. We offer effective and safe Account Receivable Management Services. Our highly experienced team of Certified Medical Coders will provide the expertise your organization requires and be at your services anytime. 

We provide weekly and/or monthly reports on accounts receivables to assist your organizations in taking corrective actions from future denials from insurance companies. We assist our clients in getting reduced denials, quicker approvals, and increased revenue. 

Helping You Manage Your Largest Asset...