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Accounts Receivables Management

Accounts Receivables Management

Managing high outstanding account receivables in healthcare can turn into a daunting challenge, impacting the organization's cash flow and creating a financial nightmare. As the problem escalates, recovering from the downturn becomes increasingly challenging. Navigating the complexities of Accounts Receivables requires expertise.


RMS steps in to ensure our clients not only get paid on claims but do so efficiently and promptly through our comprehensive Account Receivables Management service. Our approach involves implementing an effective denial management process tailored to the specific payer mix and outstanding account receivables.


Dealing with the avalanche of paperwork associated with insurance claims denials can overwhelm many medical facility staff. Insurance companies and patients often employ stall tactics, complicating the reimbursement process for services rendered. These outstanding balances can linger for over a year, eventually leading to forgotten accounts, Credit Bureau referrals, or write-offs as bad debt. RMS is committed to addressing these challenges head-on, providing solutions that mitigate financial risks and optimize revenue recovery.

Our Approach

At RMS, we guarantee that our clients receive timely and efficient payments for all their claims through our dedicated Account Receivables Management service. Our approach involves implementing a streamlined denial management process tailored to the unique payer mix and outstanding account receivables of each client.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our consistently higher accuracy and turnaround time compared to industry standards. Key features of our approach include:


Swift Processing: We handle all demographics, charges, and payments within an impressive 12-24 hours of receipt.


Immediate Claim Submission: Clean claims are promptly submitted to insurance companies to expedite the reimbursement process.


Automated Follow-up: Utilizing advanced software solutions, our follow-up calls are automatically triggered to ensure proactive resolution.


Revenue Enhancement: Through our efficient processes, we have successfully boosted our clients' revenues by a minimum of 5-8%.


Experience the RMS difference — where precision, speed, and revenue optimization converge for unparalleled Account Receivables Management.

Analyzing Data

At RMS, we prioritize every receivable, regardless of size or source, offering secure and effective Account Receivable Management Services. With a highly experienced team of Certified Medical Coders and Billers, we provide expert services at your convenience. Our commitment includes delivering regular reports on accounts receivables, enabling your organization to take proactive measures against future denials. We specialize in minimizing denials, expediting approvals, and maximizing revenue for our clients.

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