CoSourcing with RMS allows our clients to obtain more efficiency from their internal personnel processes while saving on long-term investment in staff. Adding CoSourcing projects assist in providing in-house flexibility, control, and scalability without adding additional staff.

CoSourcing has helped many of our clients with limited staff capabilities to gain control of their business management and service processes. Our processes are inclusive of Revenue Cycle Management, Verification of Eligibility & Benefits, Medical Coding, Medical Billing, Payment Posting, Accounts Receivables Management, Backlog Claims Clean-Up, Credentialing & Contracting, Analysis Reports, Fee Schedule Research, and Healthcare Information Technology Development.

We deliver value-added elements to our clients that assist in controlling costs, improving productivity, and enhancing services.

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We did not invent CoSourcing, We're just perfecting the Process!

Care Management 

Our Care Management Software Solutions proactively address requirements needed in:

If your practice, facility, or medical billing company can use assistance in understanding and implementing Care Management Solutions and could benefit from more convenient access to today's best practices and cost efficient technology, connect with our noninvasive solutions. Call today to learn more!

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