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About RMS

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Receivable Management Solutions, LLC provides customized Revenue Cycle Management Services to healthcare facilities and practices. Our process will include, but not be limited to:

  • Recruitment of qualified staff personnel

  • Proper data collection techniques  

  • Effective accounts receivables management techniques

  • Revenue producing Solutions

RMS is a name that goes hand in hand with brilliance. We work closely with a huge and diverse team of experienced and friendly US-based, and international staff ready to help you with any challenges that you may be facing in medical billing, coding, accounts receivable management, and consulting needs in today's healthcare industry.


Gaining experience from years of experience of collaborating with leading companies from all around the globe, RMS has everything that is required to guide you through the many different phases of the revenue cycle management initiatives and the obstacles that may come. We not only select the most suitable value-added processes for our clients, we also assure implementation of services go smoothly.

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RMS is on a mission to make the healthcare industry as efficient as possible. To make this goal a reality, our services in revenue cycle management focuses on delivering the fastest, most accurate, flexible, and affordable revenue cycle management solutions. The goal is to surpass our clients’ expectations.

We aspire to provide all our clients with personified attention, and high-quality services.

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