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Medical Billing Solutions

In our comprehensive billing process, we go beyond the basics, encompassing essential elements such as the recruitment of highly qualified staff, meticulous data collection techniques, thorough insurance verification, correct billing procedures, and effective collections strategies. Our proficient staff boasts extensive experience in navigating various medical billing practice management software.

RMS offers full-service support for diverse account types, ensuring a holistic approach to your billing needs. Our services span insurance billing, re-billing, follow-up, auditing/short-pays, assistance in reducing aged receivable backlogs, call center programs, early-out/self-pay, self-pay after insurance, and conversion assistance. With a commitment to excellence, we bring efficiency and expertise to every facet of the medical billing process.

Billing Staff Duties Include

Our dedicated billing staff performs a range of crucial duties to ensure the smooth functioning of the revenue cycle:

  • Payment Management: Our staff adeptly collects, posts, and manages account payments, ensuring accurate and timely processing.

  • Claims Submission: We handle the entire claims submission process, from preparation to submission, ensuring compliance with insurance company requirements.

  • Follow-up with Insurance Companies: Our team diligently follows up with insurance companies to track claim status, resolve denials, and address coding issues promptly.

  • Account Information Review: Regular review of account information allows us to identify trends and pinpoint opportunities for enhancing the overall revenue cycle process.

  • First Touch Research: Swift and thorough research is conducted on unresolved and aged Accounts Receivable (AR), claim denials, and coding issues, ensuring proactive issue resolution.

  • Client Liaison: Acting as a client liaison, we maintain effective communication channels to address queries, concerns, and provide timely updates.

  • Status Updates: Clients receive regular and comprehensive status updates, ensuring transparency and keeping them informed about the progress of their accounts.

  • Detailed Weekly Reporting: We provide detailed weekly reports, offering insights into key metrics, account status, and any trends that may impact the revenue cycle.


Coding...Billing...Claims Submissions...Payment Posting...A/R Clean-up...

Entrusting the intricate process of medical billing to seasoned professionals with a successful history of collections is paramount for success.


Proven Collections Success: RMS boasts a robust track record of achievement in collections, demonstrating our proficiency in optimizing revenue.


Extensive Experience: With over a decade of experience in medical insurance billing, RMS stands out for its wealth of knowledge. Our team is well-versed and ready to initiate processes seamlessly, eliminating the need for extensive training.


Dedicated Account Managers: Every client account at RMS is assigned a dedicated account manager. This personalized approach ensures focused attention on your unique needs and challenges.


Detailed Performance Reports: RMS understands the importance of transparency. We regularly send detailed performance reports, keeping clients informed about key metrics, account status, and areas of improvement.


Cost Savings: By partnering with RMS, clients benefit from cost savings in both administrative and operational aspects. Our efficient processes contribute to financial efficiency.


Industry Updates: Staying abreast of industry changes is crucial. RMS commits to keeping our clients informed about relevant industry updates, ensuring that their processes align with the latest standards and regulations.


Immerse yourself in our comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services that liberate your focus for what truly matters – patient care. At RMS, our billing experts uphold unwavering compliance with industry standards such as HIPAA, HITECH, CMS, In-Network, and Out-of-Network protocols. Rest assured, your financial records are meticulously managed to uphold the highest benchmarks of accuracy, privacy, and security.

Benefit from a holistic approach with RMS, offering unrivaled medical billing services that serve as a one-stop solution for all your needs. Our team comprises seasoned and proficient medical billing specialists dedicated to effortlessly handling your diverse requirements. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and technologies, we ensure the delivery of top-notch services.


Experience the transformative impact of our medical billing services, where error reduction, accelerated collections, and enhanced cash flow become the new norm. Let RMS empower your facility with streamlined processes and optimal financial outcomes.

Medical Billing

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