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Clean-Up Projects

RMS recognizes the challenges posed by difficult third-party payers, making reimbursement a complex process. Our team of specialists is adept at formulating strategic solutions to efficiently clear backlogs within a short timeframe. We specifically target these challenging payers, ensuring timely reimbursement and fulfillment of all payer requests.


Backlogs often arise due to factors like employee turnover, system conversions, or inadequate account reconciliation. RMS takes on the responsibility of addressing backlogged accounts receivables, leveraging the expertise of our highly experienced A/R Cleanup team and Insurance follow-up specialists. Our team collaborates with various insurance companies, thoroughly understanding their policies to streamline the payment retrieval process for our clients.


In cases where claims remain unpaid or are partially paid, RMS adopts a proactive approach. We meticulously re-bill entire claims and submit them to third-party payers to secure proper reimbursement. Our team diligently reviews stagnant accounts, implementing necessary corrective measures. With a strong work ethic and a team of knowledgeable professionals, RMS manages cleanup projects from inception to completion, ensuring each backlog is efficiently addressed, and payments are received promptly.

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Clean-up Projects

  • Aid in the processing of third-party insurance claims.

  • Assist in generating self-pay statements.

  • Investigate patient claim inquiries.

  • Manage third-party claim and billing inquiries.

  • Resolve rejected claims on billable services.

  • Rectify incorrectly paid claims.

  • Assist in follow-up on delinquent insurer payments.

  • Review monthly and year-to-date accounting collaboratively.

  • Identify billing and receivables issues.

  • Resolve billing, claims, and payment issues.

At RMS, our dedicated Clean-up Projects aim to go beyond the basics of just checking errors or omissions. We strive to ensure that every claim form, even those initially deemed inadequate, is meticulously refiled and processed accordingly. Our comprehensive approach is designed to eliminate medical claim errors and omissions, providing a thorough and effective solution to enhance your revenue cycle management. Trust us to navigate through the intricacies of clean-up projects, ensuring accuracy and compliance throughout the process.

Medical Billing

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