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Clean-Up Projects

Some practices have third party payers from which reimbursement is most difficult to obtain. Our team of specialist can help you strategize and clear the backlogs within a quick turnaround time. RMS will assist with these particular payers to assure reimbursement is obtained in a timely manner and all requests from the payer are fulfilled.

Backlog does not grow because of a lack of desire to clean it up, accounts increase due to factors such as employee turnover, system conversions and/or not properly negating accounts. RMS alleviates the responsibility of cleaning up backlogged accounts receivables by doing it for you.

Our highly experienced A/R Cleanup team & Insurance follow up specialists work with various insurance companies and are well-versed with their policies. We ensure that our clients do not face any difficulties in receiving the payments for the services they have provided

If RMS finds any claim in which has not been paid or partially paid, we will re-bill the entire claim once again and submit it to the payer. We do this to ensure that the claim is reimbursed properly by third-party payers. Our team will check on accounts that have been stagnant for a period of time and take all necessary corrective action. We have the work ethic required to manage cleanup projects and see them through until the end, our knowledgeable and talented staff will ensure each backlog is cleaned up with the utmost efficiency and that you are paid in a timely manner.

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Clean-up Projects

  • Assist in processing third-party insurance claims.

  • Assist in self-pay statements.

  • Investigates patient claim inquiries.

  • Handles third-party claim and billing inquiries.

  • Resolves rejected claims on billable service.

  • Resolves incorrectly paid claims.

  • Assist in follow up on delinquent insurer payments.

  • Involves reviewing monthly and year-to-date accounting with you.

  • Identifies billing and receivables issues.

  • Resolves billing, claims and payment issues.

Our goal is checking errors or omissions and ensuring that the claim forms which are inadequate are refiled and processed accordingly. RMS Clean-up Projects ensure that medical claim errors and omissions are eliminated.

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