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Don't wait until your practice is in over it's head in debt.


Contact our team now and find out how we can assist you in standing financially secure. Know exactly what we're talking about!

Receivable Management Solutions, LLC (RMS) can assist in reducing cost for practices and facilities by being able to both outsource and cosource with healthcare providers in accounts receivables and denial management.

RMS offers fully integrated revenue cycle management solutions that requires no new hardware, hire IT and additional billing/coding support, and no fees for existing interfaces.

Share your ideas for improving your processes and services or for achieving  a set business goal. We’ll listen and respond. Like a true partnership, we’ll be proactive in sharing our solutions and strategies  to grow our mutual success.

At the Office
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What We Do...

RMS staff has over a decade of experience, education, and on the job training. We provide Revenue Cycle Management Solutions and personnel, with diverse backgrounds in every component of reimbursement, including billing, coding, information systems applications and implementation, denial management, and accounts receivables management. 

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