RMS realize that some offices may have outdated medical billing software and therefore, we also assist the practice in obtaining access to programs for front office personnel to have the ability to handle daily accounting transactions and scheduling.

Proper coding is very important in billing, as improper coding ethics will always reflect in the total accounts receivable denials. Codes change annually and sometimes biannually. If the staff is not up to date with the most current CPT and ICD-10 books it could cost the practice / facility thousands in lost revenue.

At RMS, we work with the front office staff and physician to reduce the chances of accidental downcoding or upcoding for onsite and offsite visits.

We make the proper and adequate precautions to assure the information billed out is properly documented in the medical records system. Careful processing of each explanation of benefits for denials related to coding is an important part of our program to build a stable financial structure through proper coding and billing.

Be rest assured that we will be able to implement the Electronic Data Interchange connection options you need, without disrupting your current system. Our ever ready team of expert billing staff have undoubted years of experience, both in educational and on-the-job training, in billing various third-party administrators.

What We Really Do

RMS offers extended benefits to all healthcare facilities in collections which increasingly becomes difficult. We affect your bottom line and put more money in your pockets!

We enjoy doing business with you and for you ... We ALL Benefit!

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